Keeping it simple lots of pictures

Keeping it simple:)

Yesterday was filled with playing, dressing up and handing out candy!

Kids had a blast.

Today was filled with new friends coming to play, Christmas music playing in the background, Oatmeal choc chip& raisin cookies, coffee, tea and juice.

Now nap time and cuddles:)

My little pooh bear and mermaid and ballerina (princess) she could say princess not ballerina. Coffee play date:)













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Why do I write???

I write on here because…

• I love reading back on my life, my children, and what we were doing and what was changing to become our lives NOW.

• Its not for the wording of my words, number of people I can get to read, what people think.

It’s for me and those who want to know what is happening in my life and my families. On what the kids are doing OR saying and how they are growing.

I hope you enjoy if you take time to read and I hope my words are uplifting and Godly. (I am working hard on this.)

~Thank you for taking this journey of life with us. Each and every person plays a HUGE part in our lives.~

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Protected: End of October

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Protected: Walking & potty training

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Yesterday was a very productive day:)

Got done some more unpacked and caught up on the everyday cleaning!

Bathrooms cleaned, vacuumed, our room straightened (storing alot of boxes to be unpacked in our closet) our cloths sorted, washed and put away! Then sorted 90% of the kids toys (some are still packed) got them all disinfected and few out with rotation boxes:)

The kids loved “helping” with all their toys. Love how when you find those toys they haven’t played with but just found could be SO much FUN again!
(sorry no pictures my hands were to wet) I suggest using Young livings thieves cleaner for cleaning you toys (all natural)!

Yay for getting back to the “norm” with not being totally unpacked so I can get back into my daily cleaning routines.

~Is vacuuming my basement (play room/ tv room) once a week unless a major spill happens to much or not enough?!?~

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This fall

This fall I hope to:

– spend lots of family time
Whether at home playing with our kids, movie nights, playdough, coloring or crafts. Or out swimming, walking, skating, sledding or whatever is brought our way.

Would love to go on a hayride this year and carve pumpkins, make Christmas lots of fun doing crafts and festivities.

– love to make my children a blanket this fall/winter each.

– lots of quilting/sewing

– have a playdate once a week

– go to the library at least every other week

– I am loving going and working out, the me time (hope to continue to go lots)

We are getting involved in lifegroup again this year and are adding a moms group to our schedual going for coffee playdates, swimming, walks and different actives weekly.

I’d love to take my children swimming at least every other week during these cold months.

I am going to do a baking/cooking session weekly with Mya while Oakley naps.

Possibly do a music class together and a mommy and me dance class with Mya and possibly gymnastics in the spring along with swimming lessons.

What are your plans this season?

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Protected: Oakleys first birthday

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